ADVANCE Women's Conference

- (part of a series)

Location: Century Center (120 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD, South Bend, IN 46601)

Are you ready to ignite your potential and advance your life?

Join Krissy Miles and very special guest, GiGi Butler of GiGi’s Cupcakes, for the Advance Women’s Conference this October 25th and 26th at the Century Center in South Bend.

At this conference, you’ll find answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and understand what it is that keeps holding you back.

Best of all? This conference is completely FREE for all attendees.

If you’re stuck, frustrated, lost, or trying to figure out how to make your life work, this conference is for you.

You’ll learn everything you need to advance your heart, your relationships, and your life.

Unleash the power of God in your life and pave the way for a promising future of fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

Ignite your potential. Advance your life.

Register for the Advance Women’s Conference today.


About Krissy Miles

Krissy Miles is a gifted speaker and teacher who received her Master’s Degree in Non-profit Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. With over 15 years’ experience in navigating both for-profit and non-profit start-ups, Krissy’s mastery of non-profit accounting, leadership development, and marketing, even among businesses with limited resources, will give you the wisdom and insight you need to operate a successful business.