Thrive! Committee Application Deadline

Three Thrive! committees have openings for the coming academic year: Professional Development & Networking, Mentoring, and Engagement.
Committee members will be required to meet at least two times per semester (fall and spring) to plan and execute committee responsibilities. Most committees currently meet once per month or as called by the chair. To express interest in serving on a committee, please fill out this self-nomination form by May 15. A current listing of committee members is here
Professional Development & Networking Committee, Current Chair: Sarah Misener
  • Identify and promote initiatives to support the development and advancement of women on campus through the development and/or promotion and sponsorship of programs, conferences, workshops, etc.;
  • Identify or create networking opportunities for women on campus.
Mentoring Committee, Current Chair: Liz Rulli
  • Develop a program designed to provide mentoring opportunities for women on campus with the goal of enabling women to achieve their highest potential;
  • Champion the recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement of women on campus.
Engagement Committee, Current Chair: Elizabeth Lankford
  • Provide opportunities for recreational, motivational, and instructive idea sessions with the intention of connecting women in the Notre Dame community;
  • Identify or create opportunities for women on campus to engage with one another socially and strengthen collegial bonds.
Thank you for your interest in helping Thrive! reach its potential. Questions? Please email