The following committees have been formed to help accomplish the work of THRIVE! 

Mentoring, Professional Development and Networking

Identifies and promotes initiatives to support the development and advancement of women on campus through the development and/or promotion and sponsorship of programs, conferences, workshops, etc., and identifies or creates professional networking opportunities for women on campus. Develops and facilitates a program designed to provide mentoring opportunities for women on campus with the goal of enabling women to achieve their highest potential and enables knowledge and skill transfer to assist with retention and advancement of women on campus.

2023–2024 Committee Members

  • Michelle Johnson, Chair
  • Amber Monroe
  • Carla Siler
  • Brittani Stutsman
  • Britany Hild
  • Emily Stoler
  • Allie Griffith
  • Lori Tinkey
  • Jade Williamson
  • Lindsay Wulf


Increases awareness and supports membership growth by communicating THRIVE! mission, goals, and activities to the campus community and promotes THRIVE! events and related opportunities to members.

2023–2024 Committee Members

  • Christina Clark, Chair
  • Shannon Sparazynski
  • Rachel Rump
  • Beth Ferrettie
  • Chelsea Cloutier
  • Sara Iannone
  • Anne Horcher
  • Rebecca Lane
  • Grace Prosniewski


Provides opportunities for recreational, motivational, and instructive idea sessions with the intention of connecting women in the Notre Dame community and identifies or creates opportunities for women on campus to engage with one another socially and strengthen collegial bonds.

2023–2024 Committee Members

  • Reilly Fangman, Chair
  • Leigh Handrigan
  • Maggie Neenan Michel
  • Laura Mortlock
  • Hannah Heinzekehr
  • Laura Connelly
  • Sarah Chapman
  • Sarah Biggs
  • Cynthia Reeves


Thrive! ambassadors help welcome new members and coordinate events to further foster community and encourage networking among all Thrive! members. Ambassadors are self-nominated and can serve concurrently on other committees. To sign up for request more information, please fill out this form, or contact Carrie Gates or Elizabeth Lankford, who lead the Ambassadors group. 

More information about our committees is available in our bylaws