Four committees have been formed to help accomplish the work of THRIVE! 

Professional Development and Networking

Identifies and promotes initiatives to support the development and advancement of women on campus through the development and/or promotion and sponsorship of programs, conferences, workshops, etc., and Identifies or creates professional networking opportunities for women on campus.

2018-19 Committee Members

Jessica Schiller, Chair
Shannon Buchmann
Mary Fisher
Marissa Gebhard
Kara Palmer
Kara Primmer
Katie Rose
Amanda Sarratore
Lori Tinkey
Lindsay Wheeler


Develops and facilitates a program designed to provide mentoring opportunities for women on campus with the goal of enabling women to achieve their highest potential and enables knowledge and skill transfer to assist with retention and advancement of women on campus.

2018-19 Committee Members

Sarah Chapman, Chair
Monica Caro
Suzanne DeGuilio
Megan DePrimio
Tracy Fronk
Anne Griffith
Eve Kelly
Shay Nothstine
Diana Placzkowski
Lisa-Marie Shroyer


Increases awareness and supports membership growth by communicating THRIVE! mission, goals, and activities to the campus community and promotes THRIVE! events and related opportunities to members.

2018-19 Committee Members

Joanne Fahey, Communications Officer
Jenny Borg
Julie Boynton
Heather Christensen
Karen Clay
Kate Garry
Mandy Kinnucan
Kate Morgan
Staci Stickovich


Provides opportunities for recreational, motivational, and instructive idea sessions with the intention of connecting women in the Notre Dame community and identifies or creates opportunities for women on campus to engage with one another socially and strengthen collegial bonds.

2018-19 Committee Members

Carrie Gates, Chair
Kathleen Fulcher
Heather Goralski
Brenda Harley
Maureen Lakin
Lizzie Mikes
Pam Mullin
Patricia Sperry
Victoria Trauger
Katrina Wicks

More information about our committees is available in our bylaws