Presentation Slides: Leading with the Power of Story: A Gathering for Women of Color and Allies

Area: General

Type: Presentation Material

Author: Lani Peterson


On January 22, 2024, Thrive sponsored a Notre Dame Walk the Walk Week event "Leading with the Power of Story: A Gathering for Women of Color and Allies." 

From the event description:

Women of color embody a vibrant tapestry of identity who have unique experiences in the higher education landscape. Engaging in open dialogue and forging connections with each other leads to a more inclusive and supportive environment. This gathering aims to create a safe space for faculty and staff who identify as women of color and their allies within the Tri-Campus Community to learn about and practice building a supportive community on campus through powerful conversations, storytelling, and compassion. The gathering will begin with a workshop led by Lani Peterson, a psychologist and executive coach who specializes in the application of narrative as a medium for personal growth, connection, and change, and culminate with a reception to enhance participants’ social networks with active community members and resources on campus.

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