Thrive! Officers for 2021–22 Announced

Author: Thrive!

Thrive Board Members 2021 22 1

After careful review of all self-nominations and consultation with the steering committee, we are pleased to announce the Thrive! officers and chairs for 2021–22 (left to right in the photo).

  • President — Kara Palmer
  • Vice President — Amelia Lutz
  • Secretary — Angie Appleby Purcell 
  • Treasurer — Kelly Courington
  • Communications Officer — Elicia Dennis
  • Engagement Chair — Kelly Donndelinger
  • Mentoring Chair — Lindsey McIntyre
  • PD&N Chair — Kara Primmer

In addition, Carrie Gates will continue leading the Ambassadors group. We have an outstanding group of new and returning leaders in place who will help take Thrive to the next level and continue the important work of recruiting, retaining, and advancing women at Notre Dame. The future of Thrive! is very bright indeed!