Joining and Using MentorND

Author: Thrive!

Why use MentorND?

Did you know that people with strong networks and good mentors enjoy more promotions, higher pay, and greater career satisfaction? As an employee at the University of Notre Dame, you have the opportunity to connect with others on campus as a mentor or mentee through the MentorND platform.

MentorND is an online community for Notre Dame staff and faculty to provide opportunities for mentorship in service of career development at Notre Dame.

  • New to Notre Dame or MentorND?
    • Register at MentorND 
    • Watch Introducing MentorND (16:18) for a video tour of site features and helpful tips for registration and using the platform
  • Already have a login to MentorND?
    • Review and update your profile and preferences
    • Watch MentorND Updates (8:25) for a video on how to update your preferences.
  • Initiate your own short and long term connections assisted by filterable searches and recommendations from MentorND
  • Schedule virtual meetings through zoom.