Meet Melissa Guadalupe Medina

Author: Thrive!

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Name: Melissa Guadalupe Medina 

Title: Communications and Data Analyst, Development

Notre Dame career path: Currently I am part of University Relations in Gift Management assisting in creating meaningful connections with our benefactors, honoring their intent to give back to the university and provide technical support on questions, programs, campaigns and giving societies to enhance the university as a global source for good. I am a 2014 graduate of the University, and after completing my Master's degree in International Relations in Italy I was able to come back to my alma mater and begin my professional career at Notre Dame.

What's the most important lesson you've learned in your career to date?: The most important lesson I have learned is to always be open to when you have questions or doubts. There are people who are willing to listen and lend a hand, especially those in leadership position. My mentors, who I have met through ND Thrive, are leaders in their own respective divisions, and have been great at providing advice and counsel on different aspects of their professional life. I am inspired by their humbleness and kindness to listen and guide other young people through their professional development. Thank you ND Thrive for making this possible!