Meet Lizzie Mikes

Author: Elicia Dennis

Lizzie Mikes

Name: Lizzie Mikes

Title: Program Coordinator, Notre Dame International (NDI)

Notre Dame career path: I started working at Notre Dame in the summer of 2012 as an intern for course credit. I then came on full-time with Fighting Irish Media. I served as a Media Services Coordinator for four years before transitioning to my current role within NDI. As a member of the finance and administration team, I assist with business administration and projects in support of our department's strategic plan.

How do you maintain work-life balance?: In a recent Young Leaders of Notre Dame presentation, a speaker mentioned using a Venn diagram of priorities instead of maintaining a traditional work-life balance. This really resonated with me. There are more than two priorities in any one person’s life, and the key is to find an epicenter within those priorities. Identify the ideas and topics that drive you to achieve a balance between ALL of them, and be your best, truest self.