Meet Elizabeth Lankford

Author: Elicia Dennis

Elizabeth Lankford

Name: Elizabeth Lankford

Title: Ticket Office Associate Manager, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Notre Dame career path: I worked here as an undergraduate student, but didn't join the Notre Dame family as a full-time staff member in DeBartolo until 2014. My background is in music and I recently earned my Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration degree from the Mendoza College of Business.The scope of my role has grown tremendously, and I've loved being able to contribute in different ways to all the amazing things we do at DPAC. Working in performing arts administration has also been a great way to combine my love of the arts with my education. 

How do you maintain work-life balance?: My current role requires a lot of nights and weekends, so I'm very intentional about scheduling my time. I block off my schedule when I'm out of the office even if it's just for a few hours to be with my boys. I use my calendar to help ensure I am making time for work, family, and personal time each week. Putting everything on my calendar gives concrete structure to my days. I'm also able to accomplish a whole lot more when I'm organized!