Meet Dr. Mary Adeniyi

Author: Elicia Dennis

Mary Adeniyi

Name: Dr. Mary Adeniyi

Title: Learning and Organizational Development Consultant

Notre Dame career path: 
I joined Notre Dame in 2016 as a learning and organizational development consultant in the Office of Human Resources. I am also teaching for the Moreau First Year Experience program, in part to determine if a transition to academia might be a good fit. Prior to coming to ND, I did consulting on a variety of workforce management, organizational development, organizational design, and human resources management projects at a boutique industrial-organizational psychology consulting firm in D.C., and worked as a talent management specialist at a financial firm in Charlotte.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career to date? There are actually several lessons I could share! However, I'll go with a lesson about job satisfaction. Career Coach Sue Kaiden has a quote that has always resonated with me: "Job satisfaction is highest when you utilize your best skills doing something that interests and motivates you in a work environment that suits your personality." So, always strive to be in that "sweet spot," because even if the pay is good (and other factors are "good"), if that intrinsic motivation and ideal work environment are absent, you will always feel like something is missing.