Meet Brigitta Richmond

Author: Thrive!

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Name: Brigitta Richmond

Title: Assistant Director, Study Abroad, Notre Dame International 

Most Important Lessons Learned: Never stop growing and learning. 

Society tells us that we should aim for a certain job title or always be climbing the career ladder, but reality doesn’t work that way. Regardless of the plans you may have set for yourself, life will inevitably change them and require you to adapt and change course.

My father once told me, “the moment you become smart is the moment you realize you know nothing at all.”

Balancing work and family life has its ups and downs, but I tackle the challenges head-on. Each morning I start the day with my two young children, listening to music and dancing in the kitchen while eating breakfast. We focus on the positive and the good that surrounds us. If I am able to adapt and learn new things every day, I'm doing something right. Don’t wait for the one big training course to make you a better person, it's the little things that will strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Some days are more challenging than others but my goal is to stay focused and stay true to myself and my values.