Meet Brianna May!

Author: Thrive!

Brianna May Headshot

Title: Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid

What was your career journey to get to your current role? 

I started on the Frontline in Financial Aid answering basic and intermediate aid questions. 4 years ago, I was promoted to a Student Services Rep primarily serving departments with the Student Jobs Hiring Tool and working with Graduate Financial Aid. I was recently promoted again, this time to a Financial Aid Counselor now focusing on working with special populations in addition to my previous work with graduate student funding and student jobs. In addition to my financial aid role, I am also president of the Black Faculty and Staff Association ERG.

Favorite thing about working on campus?

All of the connections I have made. My mom works on campus and I am not living in her shadow and I can make a name for myself. I love working with the department administrators on Student Employment-related items so students are paid in a timely manner. Every department is a little different and I have made some real friendships through this role.