Meet Ashley Loutzenhiser!

Author: Thrive!

Ashley Loutzenhiser Headshot

Title:  Department Coordinator, University Health Services

What was your first position at Notre Dame?  What is your current role? My first position at Notre Dame was as a Server at Legends of Notre Dame, where I spent nearly 2.5 years before I moved to Phoenix, AZ. Now, I am the Department Coordinator for University Health Services. 

Why do you enjoy working at Notre Dame? I enjoy working at Notre Dame because of the sense of community, ample personal development opportunities, and the alignment of my own personal values and mission with that of the Notre Dame community. I feel like I truly belong here. Despite only being here for almost 5 months, this is by far the best work experience I have ever had. Every day that I come to work, I am surrounded by some of the most talented, intelligent, and uplifting people that I know. I don't feel like just another employee to Notre Dame, I feel like a valued member of the community.

What is your favorite book, podcast or Ted Talk? What did you learn from it and/or how did it inspire you/why would you recommend it?  My favorite podcast is Jay Shetty's "On Purpose". Jay brings such an uplifting and positive attitude to personal growth. One that uses transparency as a foundation to break down the walls of the negative connotations towards mental illness/health, relationship hurdles, and so much more. As he interviews celebrities, CEO's, activists, and leaders it becomes increasingly apparent that we are all so much more similar than we believe. There's not a single person on this planet that doesn't struggle with something, and Jay's podcast is a community where we all can learn, grow, and overcome some of life's biggest challenges. I've listened to nearly every episode! I look forward to his episodes that come out twice weekly, and there are many episodes that I have saved to re-listen to. There is truly an episode for everyone.