Meet Anna Bradley!

Author: Thrive!

Anna Bradley

Title: Publicity Specialist, McGrath Institute for Church Life

What was your first position at Notre Dame? What is your current role? (If you'd like, describe your career path at ND). My first position was New Alumni Strategist on the Annual Giving team in Development. 

What woman inspires you and why? Jane Goodall has been my hero for as long as I can remember. She's a trailblazer for women, and I admire her commitment to understanding our primate counterparts and applying those insights to improve the fields of primatology and anthropology. Her commitment to protecting the natural world & the strides she's made in humanitarian work are deeply inspiring, and I hope she has many more years of impact to contribute!

What is your favorite book, podcast or Ted Talk? What did you learn from it and/or how did it inspire you/why would you recommend it? Brené Brown's "Dare to Lead" podcast interview with Angela Duckworth about grit & the importance of trying new things is so inspiring to me as a young professional navigating the early stages of my career. Contrary to the social pressure to always have things figured out and know exactly what path you're on, I think it's really helpful for young people in particular to be confronted with a paradigm shift that allows you to see every experience, "failed" or not, as a positive in that it helps you discern what you like and don't like in your work life. I would recommend this episode to anyone considering a career change or questioning the best next steps!