Meet Gwen O'Brien

Author: Elicia Dennis

Gwen O Brien

Name: Gwen O'Brien

Title: Associate Director of Internal Communications

Notre Dame career path: 
I joined Notre Dame in 2017 as associate director of digital platforms with Grotto Network. After helping to launch Grotto, I began my current position as associate director of internal communications. My passion is storytelling, whether through words, photos, and/or video. In my professional journey, I have told stories as a TV, newspaper, and magazine reporter and editor, and media relations and internal and external communications professional.

What woman inspires you and why? Before arriving at Notre Dame, I worked at Saint Mary's College for nine years under Shari Rodriguez, vice president for college relations. I admire the respect that she has for her team members. When she hires someone, she considers them experts in their fields and does not fail to treat them as such. She made me a better employee by empowering me to take ownership, like asking me to bring her a proposed solution when presenting a problem. I admire her intelligence, grace, and the care she takes in her work. When I think of a standard to reach as a supervisor, I think of Shari.