2023-2024 Thrive Board announces its OKRs

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During Thrive!’s nascent years, its board members concentrated on building membership and establishing bylaws. The subsequent boards sought to build upon the work of the founding board and pushed Thrive! to think and plan more strategically, better define committee contributions and present signature events. Now, as the largest employee resource group (ERG) on campus, the current board is striving to build relationships, forge new partnerships, and think even more strategically as we recruit, retain and advance women leaders at Notre Dame. 

Regarding the new board, Thrive President Elizabeth Zickgraf said, “I am so excited to work with the new board. We have such a depth and breadth of experience and I think it will be a transformative year.” Zickgraf and Vice President Erin Thornton kicked off the Thrive year with leadership meetings to define several Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for Thrive to achieve its strategic objectives to further connect the women of Notre Dame.

Thrive presents its 2023-2024 OKRs:

2 Year Goal: Membership in Thrive! opens hearts and minds on campus and in the community

Yr 1 Objective 1: Thrive! Is recognized for being welcoming & inclusive

  • KR 1: Thrive! membership reaches an all-time high by May 31, 2024
  • KR 2: On a rolling basis, post-event satisfaction ratings are 4.5 out of 5
  • KR 3: 2-3 Thrive! Event experiences focus on new diverse & inclusive subjects
  • KR 4: Thrive! leadership meets with ERG leaders quarterly to discuss best practices, possible partnerships and collective goals

Yr 1 Objective 2: Thrive! works with various organizations to be a force for good

  • KR 1: Complete an assessment of local organizations and identify top 5 candidates for an ongoing sister organization relationship by December 31, 2023
  • KR 2: Thrive! Board meets with top 5 organizations by April 30, 2024 and determines the preferred partner for the long-term relationship.
  • KR 3: By June 30, 2024, Thrive! hosts a joint event with the sister organization and promotes participation to the on-campus Thrive! membership base.
  • KR 4: Benchmark higher education ERGs to determine how Thrive! Can take advantage of sharing virtual content across the globe

Yr 2 Objective: Establish a new annual Thrive! experience