Women in the Workplace (Webinar)


Alice Obermiller

Join Alice Obermiller, from the University of Notre Dame’s Women in Leadership program on Monday, December 16 as we lead a discussion on the latest McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2019 report.

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The webinar will cover topics such as:

  • The latest trends for women moving into senior-level positions
  • Obstacles for women entering management roles for the first time
  • How to fix the “broken rung” for women taking the first step up to a management position

Did you know?

  • For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired.
  • Men end up holding 62% of manager-level positions, while women hold just 38%.*
  • Women hold almost 52% of all professional-level jobs in the United States, but still lag significantly behind men when it comes to leadership positions.
  • Among Fortune 500 companies, only 33 had a female CEO as of June 2019.
    • That all-time high equates to just 6.6% of top corporate jobs.**

* McKinsey & Company, Women in the Workplace 2019, Oct 2019. Accessed November 21, 2019.

** “The Fortune 500 Has More Female CEOs Than Ever Before,” Fortune, published May 16, 2019.



About the Presenter

Alice Obermiller is the Director of Experiential Learning and Leadership Development in Mendoza’s Graduate Business Programs. She oversees experiential learning opportunities, including Interterm, as well as case and business competitions. She also oversees leadership development which includes the Integral Leadership Development course.

Obermiller started in Graduate Business Programs in 2017. Prior to joining Notre Dame, she worked for the Chicago Booth School of Business in MBA leadership development. Her corporate experience includes Fortune 500 technology and insurance companies, enterprises in start-up education and energy technology, as well as healthcare. She’s also worked with sustainable development and microfinance in East Africa.

She received her BA in Education from Purdue University, an MS in Organizational Development with Honors from Loyola University, and completed her qualitative coursework and research on Organizational Climate as part of her doctoral studies at Case Western Reserve University.