Thrive presents: A private tour of "Revisions: Contemporary Native Art"


Location: Snite Museum of Art

Join Thrive! for a special private tour of the Revisions: Contemporary Native Art exhibition on display at the Snite Museum of Art before it closes on May 18! The private tour with art historian Frances Jacobus-Parker will run from 12-1 p.m.

About Revisions: This exhibition focuses on strategies of revision, reuse, and appropriation in contemporary Native art. The participating artists—who hail from diverse backgrounds, tribes, and generations—share an interest in the circulation and reconfiguration of forms over time, across space, and between cultures. Some address the appropriation of Native culture by settler society, while others repurpose found objects, images, and texts from tribal history, family archives, and popular culture. In media ranging from print to textile to video, their works reflect on and reshape issues of inheritance, colonization, authenticity, and the politics of representation.