Negotiation: A Key Personal & Business Strategy


Location: Grace Hall, lower level training room (View on map )

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Register through Endeavor for this daylong HR workshop led by Susan G. Williams, Ph.D., from the Belmont University Massey Graduate School of Business. 

Participants will learn a method called "mutual gains negotiation." The mutual gains framework combines the successful strategies of experienced negotiators with proven theory to help:

  • Prepare for negotiations more effectively
  • Focus on problems and not on personalities
  • Avoid typical "win-lose" situations
  • Deal better with those who play outside the rules

Thrive! members may remember Susan Williams from the workshop she offered on campus last spring. 

More information about the March 14 workshop is below:

Negotiating may seem scary or unpleasant. You may worry that you may not have the right skills to go head-to-head with someone and get what you deserve, or that you'll damage your relationship with your boss, customer, or colleague in the process. And even if you do enjoy the thrill of the argument, chances are that one of you is going to have to give up something you want, right? This zero-sum approach isn't the only way to negotiate, however.

In this seminar, you'll learn a collaborative and creative approach that results in better outcomes and stronger relationships. It works in any situation in which you and a counterpart need to come to terms despite competing interests - from formal multimillion-dollar sales agreements to informal conversations with colleagues about how you will tackle a quick project.

You'll get better at: (1) Identifying the real issues at stake, (2) Preparing materials in advance, (3) Setting the right tone as you begin the conversation, (4) Handling emotions in the negotiating room, (5) Taming a hard bargainer, (6) Knowing when to walk away, (7) Managing multiple-party negotiations, and (8) Reality-proofing your agreement.