Mentoring Program


In spring 2017, THRIVE! Inspiring ND Women launched a pilot mentoring program based on the foundation that we all have something to share and that we can all learn from one another. To test the program, 50 Thrive members from a broad cross-section of the campus community served as mentors and mentees.

In 2018, we launched a second phase of the pilot, open to all interested Thrive members that implemented important changes in the mentoring platform. While participants found value in the mentoring relationships, we discovered that the platform that we were using was not meeting our needs.

Since then, the Mentoring committee has been focused on using the feedback gained from the pilot programs to identify a new platform that would address the needs and concerns that were raised as well as supporting the mentoring initiative of Thrive in other ways. Irish Compass, a mentoring network that currently exists on campus for Alumni and students, found success using People Grove, so in the fall, we partnered with People Grove to begin building MentorND.

In January of 2020 we launched MentorND, a third, extended phase of our mentoring program, made available exclusively to Thrive! members. Our expectation is that a successful pilot will pave the way for this opportunity to be made available in the future to any faculty, staff, and administrators at the University who are interested in participating.

We completed our first round of the Mentor ND pilot at the end of May and are grateful to those who participated and provided feedback. Though this round was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we still gained valuable insights that we have used to inform round two changes starting in late June. We are excited to continue welcoming members to MentorND and looking forward to hearing your success stories!

Please see our Round Two FAQs for more information about this next phase!  



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