THRIVE! Bylaws

Article 1: Mission, Purpose, and Objectives

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THRIVE! Inspiring ND Women (THRIVE!) seeks to foster an environment that increases opportunities for women to be recruited, retained, and advanced as leaders at the University of Notre Dame.

The purpose of this Employee Resource Group (ERG) is to serve as a resource to the Notre Dame community with respect to the professional development of women at the University and to assist the University in realizing its diversity and inclusion plans. This ERG intends to be a positive influence on the cultural environment for women, and to do so through professional programming, personal and professional development, mentoring and outreach. The group’s objectives are as follows:

  • To champion the recruitment, hiring, retention, career development, networking, and advancement of women at Notre Dame.
  • To assist in identifying workplace issues and in coordinating solutions that affect women working at Notre Dame
  • To foster communication between the University’s senior management and women who work at Notre Dame and to provide a central resource for information directly related to women’s needs
  • To coordinate and develop formal and informal programming (training, mentoring, networking, etc.) opportunities for women
  • To serve as a central point of contact for receiving and disseminating timely information about opportunities for women (conferences, training, outreach, etc.)
  • To help create and sustain a diverse and inclusive work environment by
    • Engaging male employees at all levels of the University as full partners in achieving the University’s diversity goals relating to women
    • Bringing together women from different areas of the University to help foster an environment of inclusiveness
    • Promoting and sponsoring University programs designed to enhance cultural awareness

THRIVE! will engage in and promote programs and activities that support and advance these objectives.

Article II: Steering Committee

To assist THRIVE! with the attainment of its goals, a steering committee will serve as a resource to the group. The steering committee is comprised of women in senior management positions who have expressed an interest and commitment to the employee resource group’s goals and to the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The steering committee will be assisted in its work by the Director of Talent and Engagement and the Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion, both from the Office of Human Resources.

The Steering Committee Chair shall attend board meetings. If unavailable, she should appoint someone to attend in her place. As the founders of the ERG, the steering committee members shall meet collectively a minimum of once per year, and as called by the Steering Committee Chair, to discuss the vision of THRIVE! and assess progress towards the stated objectives.

Article III: Membership & Board of Directors

General Membership

  • General membership is open to all faculty and staff (full-time and part-time) at the University.
  • Those interested in membership may join by completing and submitting the online registration at
  • Registration will add members to any email communications sent to THRIVE! members.

Board of Directors

Terms of office for all officers will be one year from July 1 through June 30. Officers may be appointed to another role on the board or have the option to renew their current position for a second term, but maximum total service on the board should not exceed 5 years. It is recommended that at least two officers renew their terms each year to maintain continuity. Officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Officer, but may be adjusted as membership and organization needs change over time. The board also includes an HR representative and the chairs of the steering committee and the mentoring, professional development & networking, and engagement committees.

Officer Eligibility

  • Candidates must have been a member of THRIVE! for a minimum of one year.
  • Candidates must be actively engaged through participation on committees, subcommittees, and/or in events.

Officer Selection

  • Candidates must meet the criteria for eligibility and must self-nominate.
  • Officers will be chosen by a selection committee comprised of representatives from HR, the THRIVE! steering committee, and the current THRIVE! president.

Officer Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly THRIVE! board meetings and officer meetings as needed
  • Actively participate in THRIVE! events and supporting committees and subcommittees as needed
  • Represent THRIVE! on University committees (when applicable)
  • Convey fellow member concerns and comments to THRIVE! leadership
  • Support other ERG efforts and community-building events on campus


The President’s role is to act as spokesperson for the organization and maintain communication with the steering committee, as well as committee chairs, to ensure successful advancement of the mission of THRIVE! This includes:

  • Preparing meeting agendas and presiding over all officers’ meetings
  • Presiding over board meetings and attending steering committee meetings as needed
  • Ensuring adherence to the bylaws

Vice President

The Vice President serves as the President’s right-hand person and should maintain continuous contact with the President. The Vice President must be up-to-date on all ERG communication and events. The responsibilities of the Vice President include but are not limited to:

  • Supervising meetings in the absence of the President
  • Assisting the President with the oversight of THRIVE!
  • Coordinating any fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Treasurer
  • Ensure that recognition and appreciation gifts/cards for all guests/speakers are sent


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organized and documented. The Secretary position ensures all rules and bylaws of the organization are adhered to by the board during meetings and the implementation of board decisions. The responsibilities of the Secretary include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating with the President to plan officer meetings as needed
  • Taking minutes and records of each board and officer meeting
  • Supervising board meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President


The Treasurer oversees the budget process for THRIVE! and will work closely with Human Resources for all funding requirements and accounting procedures. With respect to funding needs of THRIVE!, the Treasurer will work with the Steering Committee to identify potential sources of funding for events and programming. These sources could include member dues, event ticketing, or University department sponsorship. The responsibilities of the Treasurer include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing an annual budget
  • Approving and accounting for all expenses
  • Providing financial updates to the board
  • Stewarding all funds received
  • Coordinating fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Vice President

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer chairs the standing communications committee and is responsible for the oversight of all THRIVE! communications, including, print, online, email, and social media. The communications officer shall develop and implement a strategic communications plan to increase awareness, to grow membership, and promote THRIVE! events and related opportunities.

Article IV: Committees

THRIVE! committees help execute the objectives of the organization.

Committee Leadership

  • Committee chairs shall serve one-year terms and shall select successors from current committee membership
  • Committee chairs shall convene a meeting at least two times per semester (fall and spring) to plan and execute committee responsibilities;
  • Attend all THRIVE! board meetings, or send proxy if unable to attend

Committee Membership

  • Committees shall be comprised of 6-10 members
  • Committee members shall be chosen from the membership of THRIVE! through a self-nomination process with review and approval by the board in the Spring
  • Commitments are for one-year terms beginning July 1, members may serve up to three consecutive terms at the discretion of the chair
  • Members are expected to be present and engaged with committee work

Professional Development & Networking Committee

  • Identify and promote initiatives to support the development and advancement of women on campus through the development and/or promotion and sponsorship of programs, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Identify or create professional networking opportunities for women on campus

Mentoring Committee

  • Develop and facilitate a program designed to provide mentoring opportunities for women on campus with the goal of enabling women to achieve their highest potential
  • Enabling knowledge and skill transfer to assist with retention and advancement of women on campus

Communications Committee

  • Increase awareness and grow membership by communicating THRIVE! mission, goals, and activities to campus community
  • Promote THRIVE! events and related opportunities to members

Engagement Committee

  • Provide opportunities for recreational, motivational, and instructive idea sessions with the intention of connecting women in the Notre Dame community
  • Identify or create opportunities for women on campus to engage with one another socially and strengthen collegial bonds

Article V: Funding

This ERG is sponsored by the University and will receive some funding through the Office of Human Resources to support specific goals and objectives, as determined by the Staff Director of Diversity & Inclusion. Funding to be determined annually by Human Resources. Membership dues, event-related fees, sponsorship, and/or fundraising efforts will be evaluated on an annual and per-event basis to supplement University funding and to optimize the opportunities available to THRIVE! members.

Article VI: Communications with Senior Leadership

THRIVE! will initiate meetings with the Staff Director of Diversity & Inclusion of the University once each year for the purpose of sharing information and affirming expectations of THRIVE!. Data gathered during these annual meetings will be used to assist THRIVE! in its strategic planning efforts. In addition to the annual meetings, THRIVE! will communicate with the steering committee on an as-needed basis throughout the year to submit proposals, secure guidance and support, and solicit feedback. These communications may be initiated by the President of THRIVE! or her designee and may occur in writing, in one-on-one discussions, or in formal THRIVE! board meetings.

Article VII: Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting of the board by a majority vote of the members present, or by mail/electronic ballot, provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at a previous meeting.

Approved 11/30/17 by THRIVE! Board of Directors